About Baron Brewing

Baron Brewing is a playground for beer, where no two batches are the same. Made for the fun and love of the process – the next beer will be the best beer.


The brewery is based on a farm in Great Hormead, East Hertfordshire. The focus is to brew modern styles, particularly highly hopped ales and fresh lagers.

The 1000L brewhouse allows for an ever-changing range of beers to be brewed. Each style will be pushed to its limits, with the evolution and development of new flavours.

With a small (but state-of-the-art) canning machine, all beers are packaged in 500ml cans and available to buy from the brewery, or order online for local delivery.

Please see the shop for what’s available, and follow @baron.brewing on Instagram for the latest news. Cheers


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Opening Times

Feel free to come to the brewery to have a look or to buy and collect the freshest cans. The opening times are:

Monday: 5pm – 7pm

Tuesday: 5pm – 7pm

Wednesday: 5pm – 7pm

Thursday: 5pm – 7pm

Friday: 5pm – 7pm

Saturday: 2pm – 6pm

Sunday: 2pm – 6pm


Other times by appointment

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